OCLanguage is a translation management system (TMS), developed in 2008, according to European translation agency’s (TA) special order. Today it is one of the most popular programming solution for TAs, developed for handling TMS tasks. System includes only exclusive functionality for players of this particular field. OCLanguage represents solid CRM, project and vendors’ management, sales analysis, review and monitoring tool.

The solution is built on web technologies platform, which makes OCLanguage available for the users at any time and in any place using Internet. OCLanguage is recognized as user friendly, easy to modify and reliable solution for TAs. Today OCLanguage has Customers and partners in CIS and CEE regions. The main course of action is selling one time purchase solution along with the modification of it according to every TA needs. As well, Customer tend to purchase system as Software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution.

OCLanguage is a warranty for those who value the efficiency, strive for innovations and seek for business processes improvements on daily basis.

Our vision – we will be recognized as a leading software solutions supplier for Translation Agencies worldwide.

Our strategy is based on following cornerstones:
1. We are company with Customer driven approach
2. We collect the ideas from our Customers to add new system modules, which ensures that OCLanguage has business specific functionality only
3. Our outstanding experience and striving for perfection allows us to deliver maximum value of OCLanguage solution to every Customer
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Get OCLanguage demo version
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