Karlis Lucs

KAM and Co-founder

Karlis looks after key account management at OCL, making sure that every Customer is served with care and responsiveness. He has been working in field of software and hardware solutions development and sales for over 10 years and as a result has strong vision of what implementation of a solution is to bring to company. Karlis is passionate about setting new connections with partners to ensure the growth of reputation and popularity of OCLanguage.

Karlis Lucs: “The main idea in turning the initially developed solution into effective and irreplaceable tool for translation agencies from all over the world is to drive this company according to Customer-driven approach. Indeed, we have served many Customers, while maintaining best satisfaction level rates. We grow Customer loyalty level thanks to recognition and interest in every new idea one can share. We collect brightest ideas and most desired features into one list. Every feature that has been developed in OCLanguage has been conceived during our conversation with Customers, which pride themselves on most relevant experience and understanding of TA market trends.”
Olegs Jegorovs

Technical Director and Co-founder

Brains of the company and true OCLanguage believer, which always has the vision and practical understanding of the realization of project development. Olegs holds Technical director position while overseeing project development in OCL. Thanks to him, our solution has got user friendly, yet multi-functional system for managing translation agency business. Olegs has outstanding over 15 years’ experience in web programming, mainly PHP and JavaScript.

Olegs Jegorovs: “Most important part in handling the new project implementation and system functionality modification according to business needs is listen carefully to the customer. We are keen on doing scrutinized analysis of existing workflows and IT infrastructure in company before starting to take real actions. Every Customer is treated as a new experience and it gets maximum attention from our side to develop proper solution. Our experience and business approach allows to develop solution at any difficulty level, yet we make sure that the implemented system will bring maximum benefits according to KPIs set up earlier.”
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