OCLanguage logo consists of three letters – O, C and L, which are drawn in three colors – orange, purple and green.

Orange - the color of energy, warmth, luxury and exotic. It expresses enthusiasm, balance, vigor and wildness.
Purple - rich color, symbolizing royalty, nobility and spirituality. It also embodies wisdom, fairness and truth.
Green - the color of growth, money, modesty and wisdom. This is a good and noble color; it symbolizes healthy environment, good luck and renewal.

The logo with the gear means that there is a transfer of earlier specified movement; first element pushes the next ones.

The names of founders of OCLanguage (Oleg and Carl) express first two letters in logo. Letter "L" stands for language that represents basics of any communication, which would arise. As a whole, the logics and mechanism of our solutions drive company, which copes with language translations, to effectiveness, growth and success.
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Get OCLanguage demo version
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