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  • Adjutor UAB (Lithuania) – one of leading Translation Agencies in Lithuania, located in Vilnius, Adjutor has built a reputation among international companies for high quality work. Adjutor team of partners across the Europe, including more than 200 qualified translators and interpreters.
  • Translation Center Alfavit (Russia, Latvia) – prides itself on holding position in Top 25 of TAs in Russia. Founded in year 2000, today it has branches in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Riga, providing translations on different topics from/to European and Eastern languages.
  • Translation Agency Bridge (Ukraine) – private translation agency, founded in 2009. From the earliest days Bridge’s policy was aimed at providing our Customers with high quality guarantee and short time of orders.
  • AVP Center group (Russia, Germany) – this company group operates from year 2004 and has 3 offices in main cities in Russia – Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi. Company names that we know these TAs for are Perevod-Moskva, Perevod-Piter and Perevod-Sochi, respectively. In 10 years, the company has translated thousands of documents into Russian and worked at dozens of start-up and commissioning events at major Russian and CIS enterprises.
  • Hieroglifs International (Latvia, Romania, UK) – Hieroglifs International is an integrated, multilingual language solution specialist. Hieroglifs International is headquartered in Riga and serves its corporate clients through its Bucharest and Southampton office.
  • Inverts (Latvia) – mainly operating in written translations field. Founded in Riga few years ago this company is striving for perfection in every area, valuing responsiveness, growth and employees.
  • Lexicon Translations (Russia) – Translation Agency with experience above 5 years, handling corporative Customers and individuals orders.
  • Translation agency Philin (Ukraine) – operating in Kiev and Kharkiv, Philin services for legal entities and individuals are available in CIS countries. Cornerstones of Philin’s success are responsiveness, confidentiality and Customer oriented approach.
  • Vebber (Russia) – the main company profile is built on supplying Customers with high quality and professional services of translation and interpreting in a wide range of languages. Key factor that distinguishes Vebber from other rivals is its selection of highly qualified vendors only – this factor directly affects quality and timing of every translation.
  • Translation Agency Rasmera (Lithuania) - RASMERA is a Lithuania-based company which was established in 1997 and specializes in translation and localization services. It operates in all three Baltic States. Its team is now expanded to almost 50 people and today includes professional project managers, staff translators and proofreaders.
  • Skrivanek (Worldwide) - it is one of the largest language services companies in the world. The company currently has almost 50 branch offices in 17 countries across the world. The Skrivanek office in Latvia has operated since 2003, providing clients with high-quality language services.
  • Translation agency Transcript – operating mostly in Crimea, offers Customer a full range of translation services including oral and written translations from/into variety of languages, assistance in legalization of documents in ministries, administrations, embassies and consular agencies (stamp of apostille), and their discovery.
  • Translation Services (Latvia) – founded in Latvia, it supplies Customers with translation and localization services. From the day of foundation its vision stands for becoming leading company in area in all three Baltic countries.
  • Planeta Service – one of leading translation agencies in Crimea region, mostly supplying translation and interpretation services for individuals.
  • Bureau of Visits and Conferences (Kiev, Ukraine) – company, which specializes in organizing complex business events and conducts full support of private visits to the territory of Ukraine. Separate structural division of company is Translation agency, which has translation specialists, who are handling oral and written translations into 55 languages.
  • Translation agency Ak Yort (Russia) –founded in 2010 and located in Ufa, Ak Yort is recognized for its capability of providing high quality solutions for wide range translation tasks. Amongst biggest Customers of AK Yort are public companies as well as individuals.
  • Translation agency TST (Moldova, Transnistria) – one of the largest TA in Moldova, represented in 6 cities of Moldova, specialized in translation and interpretation of various documents and texts.
  • Etalon Translation Agency has been operating in the Ukrainian market since 2010. It provides professional translation and interpretation services, as well as documents legalization for private and corporate customers. Our company specializes in over 50 languages. Our principle when dealing with customers is: high quality services at the best price.
  • Translation agency GRAFIT offers translations of texts and documents in many fields of knowledge. As the major type of service, we provide written translations of private and commercial documents with notarization.
  • SinoTranslation is a joint Russian-Chinese translation company with offices in Russia and China founded by translators with an extensive experience and a great love for their work. Only expert translators can become a part of the SinoTranslation team. SinoTranslation takes full responsibility for the interpretation of each term and phrase and operates under the slogan "Not a single dissatisfied customer.
  • Private Company "STATUS KO" is the translation agency established in 2007 by professional translators, philologists and linguists association in order to provide translation services; Private Company "STATUS KO" specializes in translation and interpreting services from/into 60 languages and notary certification of documents on different languages.
  • Translation Bureau "Letra" (Russia) occupies the rightful place at the market of translation services in Krasnodar city. High qualification of employees, extensive list of available foreign languages and multilevel control of quality of texts ensure complete maintenance of style of the original document and maximum precision of translation.
  • Tradutex translations office established in Brasov, Romania, is one of the main local providers of translation services, for domestic, as well as foreign clients. With a native and professional team of translators, carefully selected for various specialty fields, the translations office ensures translations and additional services for a wide range of foreign languages.
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