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Project management simple yet powerful

OCLanguage simplifies and structures project workflow, while optimizing every part of translation and interpreting project.

Project workflow management:
• Projects separated into documents and tasks
• Tailored functionality for oral and written translation projects
• Discount management on 3 different levels
• Customer / project linking to account manager and / or branch
• One-click acts generation
• Automatized suitable vendors list generation
• One-click PO document for vendor generation and sending via email
• One platform for all project related documents
• Tracking of payments from Customers and payments to vendors data
• Automatized agreement generation for Customer

Conduct accurate project management
OCLanguage allows TA to manage translation project from single view. TA manager is able to add as many tasks, as needed, whatever the specifics would be – translation/proofreading/notary approval etc. System automatically supplies TA manager with vendors according to their language pair and availability information.

Optimize your discounts
Customer satisfaction level is increased while using 3 level discount management. Customer, project and task can have different discounts, which allows managers to treat every case uniquely and adjust pricing politics accordingly. In addition, if there is specific occasion, manager can disable discount for particular task(s), even if this Customer or project is granted with general discount.

Use unique module for interpreting projects management
To make sure that interpretation projects have as much scrutinized information as possible, OCLanguage has unique registration of them. Every detail is considered; as a result, project management is made simple yet relevant.

Save all documents on single platform
Project documents for Customers workflow is automatized in a way that any invoice / agreement / purchase order (PO) documents are generated by one click. In addition, you can rely on OCLanguage as a single platform for storing all project documents – not only above mentioned, but also acts of acceptance and translation related documents.

View dynamic data on payables and receivables
OCL represents a monitoring tool for overseeing all accounts receivable and accounts payable under every project. In addition, TA manager can track these data in separate dynamic tables of Payments to vendors and Payments from Customers.

Assign people to proper tasks
To make sure that every Customer gets maximum attention and care you can assign branch and manager to particular Customers. Also top management of TA benefits from setting access levels for every user to sections of OCLanguage. This is crucial in small to middle size companies, which have developed solid hierarchy for delegating tasks to proper human resources.

Translation agency management

Make your translation agency more effective while maintaining control over your employees!

Translation agency management
• Access levels to every module
• Permissions for financial records deletion
• Authority of documents sign off
• Authority rights of assigning Accounts managers

Set the access rules
OCLanguage functionality allows you to set proper access levels for your managers. In order to increase performance and secure data, us this feature to grant access to users to system resources that manager uses and is accountable for.

Increase control over actions
Our system allows your manager to delete financial records from program, at the same time only administrators can view the deleted project related details. This allows you to maintain full control of the company and course it takes during daily work.

Delegate more tasks
Benefit from crucial features like granting authority for the employee to assigning Account manager to Customers or authority to sign off any of system documents. As a result, OCLanguage functionality allows you to delegate tasks that can be handled by your colleagues and save your time for more important tasks.

Maximize project management effectiveness
Use the internal message tool that allows you to chat immediately with your colleagues and decrease time taken for solving issues or finding answers to Customers / vendors inquiries. In addition, you can use this in a team, while handling big projects, which require several project managers to be involved simultaneously.

Financial flow

Effortless reporting is one of key cornerstones of OCLanguage making successful translation agency.

In OCLanguage you can retain control over financial flow in your company and benefit from solid collection of project related documents, payments and planned actions.

Financial flow
• Sales and income report
• Payments to vendors report
• Turnover report

Stay focused on finance related data
With OCLanguage all finances related data can be accessed on one dashboard – along with system documents related to financial operations, you can simply browse project, sales report, payables and receivables information.

Optimize your discount policy
Regardless of currency, use OCLanguage to oversee statistics on project budget per Customer or per vendor. From now on let OCLanguage to take care of discount levels for every Customer – discount can be set in three levels – it can be assigned to Customer, to project or even to project task, that would require correction in discount amount.

Boost the sales
Income and expenses statistics account for indispensable tool for analyzing the performance of translation agency. Use powerful sales report module to access the real-time data and make decisions that represent course of actions that are going to be taken. Information you can view is scrutinized, yet concise.

Spot the actions to be taken
OCLanguage functionality allows you to track statistics on project volume per Customer and project volume per vendor. For example, if you see that purchases from particular Customer increase, you might want to take actions – either to assign separate account manager or provide other additional resources to cope with incoming inquiries and orders. Likewise, you tack the workload of every manager to be sure the maximum outcome of it is reached.

Control payables and receivables
Increase the transparency of every project handled while using statistics data on pending payments and historical data. With OCLanguage you can oversee important data on flow of funds per manager or per branch. In order to control the accounts receivable you can simply track all stages of processing invoices and send e-mail reminders to Customers, if necessary.

Vendors management

Turn your vendors’ management into transparent and effective process

Vendors management
• Translators / editors / notaries and designers registration
• Vendors self-registration (Europass CV standard)
• Vendors rates and availability data tracking
• Detailed payment data information
• Automated e-mails for special offers to vendors
• Built-in portal for receiving invitations to take part in tenders
• Built-in portal for receiving orders and submitting result files

Maintain scrutinized data on every vendor
Every vendor’s account has detailed information about language pairs translator is able to address, pricing and availability information. TA management benefits from vendors addressed tasks statistics, performers’ rating and Customers or TA manager comments on work quality.

Issue Purchase orders (PO) automatically
Forget about manual creation of every PO for vendor. OCLanguage gives manager the opportunity to issue one or many Purchase orders to vendor by single click. Manager is able to view all POs related to specific project in one window and to view all PO database in another window.

Look after payments
Browse outstanding payment or payment history data simply using OCLanguage! Now with OCLanguage you can track any payment that is pending or has been processed while specifying data on project, manager, payment method and many more parameters.

Set up e-mail templates
With OCLanguage you can develop group / individual e-mail templates to send tailored promos, news and other information. Our e-mail template module for vendors automatically selects the recipients list according to Tam manager’s choice in regards to experience, languages handled, availability and many more parameters.

Automatize project management workflow
For companies, which have need for automatized orders management process, OCLanguage has built-in portal for vendors and Customers. Every process from receiving the order to submitting the translated document can be done automatically via web interface. We will implement both portals into your home site, so that corporate style is maintained.

Document workflow management

Documents management - issue all documents in few clicks and save time for more important tasks

OCLanguage is developed for simplifying every step TA manager takes to handle new order. With our solution, TA saves itself from headaches while preparing large amount of paperwork.

Document workflow management
• Monitoring statuses of receivables and payables
• One-click issuance (and sending via e-mail) of Invoices / POs / Acts in PDF
• Issuance of invoices with TA stamp put on automatically
• E-mail notifications for unsigned acts
• Issuance of documents in all system languages by one-click
• Documents export to other systems

Take control over financial flow
In order to maintain financial flow, OCLanguage monitors the statuses of receivables and payables. TA manager can easily track all outstanding payments to take the proper actions.

Benefit from automatized documents processing
All documents in OCLanguage are issued automatically. System automatically fills the template with the data and generates the document in PDF form. User issues the document in one-click. As an additional bonus, save time on signature and stamp, as this is automatized in OCLanguage – every invoice can be generated either way, with or without predefined initials.

Monitor and take actions
You benefit from feature that empowers manager to send the document related notifications to e-mail of Customer or vendor. Remind vendor or Customer for unprocessed document simply by sending him a reminding e-mail.

Use interactive documents
OCLanguage interactive platform supports user with document issued in 4 languages by one-click. Enrich your experience with system documents export feature, which allows you to use OCLanguage data in other systems.


Retain and delight your Customers

Initially, OCLanguage was developed as pure CRM system for translation agency management. Which means the solution is equipped with many features that allow to sell smarter and maintain more Customers.

• Contact management
• Quotes management
• Automated tracking of Customer’s account history
• Automated e-mails for tailored marketing promos
• Automatic generation of project/project parts agreements
• Scrutinized project data tracking
• Customer manager and branch linking throughout the system
• Internal e-mail system
• Built in portal for placing the orders and tracking its stages

Increase flexibility
Use OCLanguage to estimate project price and deadline information to submit fast and qualitative quote information. Make sure that your loyal Customers receive the best service you can deliver while assigning the proper manager and main branch. Turn your team or organization into a Customer driven company.

Send tailored promos
Plan and issue e-mail marketing campaigns for Customers. While using powerful OCLanguage tool for specifying recipients list you can launch targeted marketing promo and be sure that it reaches particular Customers. Use pre-defined templates for particular e-mails or pre-define a template by your own!

Automatize document creation
In order to standardize the process of preparing and negotiating the documents issued between your company and Customer, OCLanguage has tool that generates them automatically. As an example - you can issue Act of Acceptance document that stands for the agreement between Customer and supplier for approving the closed translation task. Regardless of the Customer type and business scope, project data is automatically collected by OCLanguage, you and your Customer simply have to sign the generated document! Benefit from many more automatized document templates that have been implemented into OCLanguage.


Leverage statistics data on your business to make well-structured decisions.

In order to retain high satisfaction level or every Customer (either it is your loyal Customer or just a newcomer that has applied for a quote and you managed to supply it with best price) you should be tracking statistics related to Customer data.

• Tracking the quantity of new Customers and active Customers against total quantity of Customers
• Tracking the quantity of new orders against total quantity of orders
• Looking after the average invoice amount of new orders
• Controlling the statistics of translation project type and field / language
• Supervising the statistics on branches and managers profitability

Order trend statistics
It is crucial to keep an eye on orders that come in. OCLanguage allows you to see the correlation of new orders against the total number of orders you have received in specific period of time. In addition one can benefit from analyzing average statistics on issued invoices.

Real-time data about order specifics
With OCLanguage TA can track the statistics on project language and language pairs. This is significant when you want to follow the dynamics of Customers’ demand in terms of ordering translation of most popular language pairs. In addition, it is very useful to be informed about, which project types and translation fields are mostly presented.

Focus on performance
OCLanguage helps you in spotting the best performers and most profitable branches. Use our system to track, how many projects are handled by particular employee or addressed by office you have. Facilitate the decision making process while viewing the statistics on Customers quantity and project budget information.

Integration steps

Every of our Customers has received outstanding and careful support while the solution has been implemented.

OCLanguage represents intuitive tool for translation agency management, however, even the smallest team we have sold the solution to has required several services from our side. We are here to provide you with reliable and secure solution that helps you in growing the business. In table below you can see the major steps we take along with our Customer while OCLanguage is implemented in our Customer’s workspace.

Implementation of the solution
• Research of existing infrastructure
• Solution presentation
• Implementation and training
• Additional modules creation and implementation
• Ongoing support

Detailed analysis
In order to prepare the best solution for our Customer, we study the existing infrastructure. Our goal is to sell you the solution, not simple product. We are keen on doing scrutinized analysis of the existing workflows, resources and expectations to come up a solution that meets your business needs and provide you continuing support.

Product presentation
Solution presentation is one of key steps we take. Based on scrutinized analysis of existing infrastructure and vision, we will introduce Customer to full or SaaS software version. It is possible that solution presentation can be followed by repeated research of company’s infrastructure. The reason is that we are interested in supplying the best solution our Customer can imagine before we agree on next steps.

Implementation and continuing support
Our priority is to provide as much easy and secure implementation as possible. It is up to Customer to choose, if he wants to do the setup of OCLanguage on its own or rely on our services. Also, we are scheduling educational events for our Customers. At the same time, if it is more relevant, Customer can use our OCLanguage user guide and helpdesk support.

Solution modification
In most cases translation agency sees need for existing functionality modification, either it would be slight changes or quite major revision necessary. We are interested in providing the Customer with the solution it requires; as a result, we are always opened for negotiating the system modification project. Because our Customer’s is satisfied, once programming solution is tailored to its business specifics, not vice versa.

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