Implementation of the solution

Every of our Customers has received outstanding and careful support while the solution has been implemented.

OCLanguage represents intuitive tool for translation agency management, however, even the smallest team we have sold the solution to has required several services from our side. We are here to provide you with reliable and secure solution that helps you in growing the business. In table below you can see the major steps we take along with our Customer while OCLanguage is implemented in our Customer’s workspace.

Implementation of the solution
• Research of existing infrastructure
• Solution presentation
• Implementation and training
• Additional modules creation and implementation
• Ongoing support

Detailed analysis
In order to prepare the best solution for our Customer, we study the existing infrastructure. Our goal is not to sell you the solution and simply disappear. We are keen on doing scrutinized analysis of the existing workflows, resources and expectations to come up a solution that meets your business needs and provide you continuing support.

Product presentation
Solution presentation is one of key steps we take. Based on scrutinized analysis of existing infrastructure and vision, we will introduce Customer to full or SaaS software version. It is possible that solution presentation can be followed by repeated research of company’s infrastructure. The reason is that we are interested in supplying the best solution our Customer can imagine before we agree on next steps.

Implementation and continuing support
Our priority is to provide as much easy and secure implementation as possible. It is up to Customer to choose, if he wants to do the setup of OCLanguage on its own or rely on our services. Also, in regards to training, we are scheduling educational events for our Customers. At the same time, if it is more relevant, Customer can use our OCLanguage user guide and helpdesk support.

Solution modification
In most cases translation agency sees need for existing functionality modification, either it would be slight changes or quite major revision necessary. We are interested in providing the Customer with the solution it requires; as a result, we are always opened for negotiating the system modification project. Because our Customer’s is satisfied, once programming solution is tailored to its business specifics, not vice versa.

Ongoing support
Our company provides TAs with ongoing support – it would either be e-mail, skype or call support, we are keen on helping the Customer to benefit from all functionality that OCLanguage is able to supply. In addition, at any stage of using OCLanguage, we are here to discuss possible improvements of the solution. In fact, most of the features that OCLanguage has today have been developed based on feedback, ideas and suggestions from our existing Customers.
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