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OCLanguage is cutting edge translation management system (TMS). Today it is one of the most popular software solution, developed for handling translation project related tasks. Solution consists of unique functionality for translation industry. OCLanguage represents specialized CRM, project and vendors’ management, sales analysis, review and monitoring tool.

We have updated the documentation in English language, as always, you can access it on our site: Thus, we are happy to announce that the documentation for the new version of OCLanguage 7.0 is completely ready!

Olegs Jegorovs (Member of the Board, SIA OCL), June 2019

Especially for companies, which haven’t upgraded OCLanguage 6.6 to OCLanguage 7.0, we have created separate article with key features comparison. It will also be useful material for translation agencies managers, who are already working in new system. Upgrade review gives various suggestions on gaining maximum effect from new functionality of TMS OCLanguage 7.0. In addition, in few days’ time you will see updated documentation, follow the news!

Olegs Jegorovs (Member of the Board, SIA OCL), December 2018

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