We have updated the documentation in English language, as always, you can access it on our site: Thus, we are happy to announce that the documentation for the new version of OCLanguage 7.0 is completely ready!

Olegs Jegorovs (Member of the Board, SIA OCL), June 2019

Especially for companies, which haven’t upgraded OCLanguage 6.6 to OCLanguage 7.0, we have created separate article with key features comparison. It will also be useful material for translation agencies managers, who are already working in new system. Upgrade review gives various suggestions on gaining maximum effect from new functionality of TMS OCLanguage 7.0. In addition, in few days’ time you will see updated documentation, follow the news!

Olegs Jegorovs (Member of the Board, SIA OCL), December 2018

Well known of its specialization on translation management software development, Latvian based OCL Ltd. comes up with another world-class solution for translation industry! On July 31 OCL Ltd. officially released revolutionary upgrade of TMS OCLanguage – version 7.0. Throughout almost a yearlong journey of new product development, we have had many valuable discussions with our key Customers, as well as newcomers. This has helped to identify priorities for the development process: minimalism and use of innovative technologies in combination with velocity of handling business management tasks. More

Olegs Jegorovs (Member of the Board, SIA OCL), July 2018

We are happy to unveil the release of English version of documentation for TMS software OCLanguage. This has project has been enjoying the highest priority amongst other project development tasks like system interface upgrade, small projects functionality release and many more. During previous years, our helpdesk has been gathering various requests for assistance from our Customers. This has allowed us to collect FAQ database, which helps our Customers in finding answers to most common questions. However, with the release of Documentation portal, now Customer is able to dig deep into various features that form the respectable functionality of OCLanguage. By using Documentation portal and FAQ, our Customers should be able to work independently. Nevertheless, OCL still provides all support packages starting from Bronze and up to Enterprise level. These are well treated by our biggest Customers who value guaranteed response times and SLA conditions. If you have any questions related to Documentation or FAQ, please contact the support team of OCLanguage.

Olegs Jegorovs (Member of the Board, SIA OCL), December 2016

SIA OCL is pleased to announce the release of latest version of OCLanguage – 6.6. New version includes various system functionality improvements, which go along with the newly developed features. With version 6.6 - translation agency is able to benefit from system’s ability of automatically supplying user with pricelist rates for Customers’ orders and honorarium rates for translators’ jobs. What we also would like to stress is the Payment statement module importance – by using this feature, translation agency does the job for closing balance statements with Customers. Vital to notice that our project table has been truly refreshed by implementing feature of autonomical project status monitoring and revealing data that are even more crucial in general project management table.

Olegs Jegorovs (Member of the Board, SIA OCL), August 2016

Latvian translation agency Grafit has made the decision to modernize the company workflow and thereby has chosen OCLanguage as best translation agency business management system. Distinguishing features that have been noted by Managing Director, Marija Konstantinova, are convenient project management, user-friendly interface, autonomic issuance and structuring of orders, tasks and invoices. OCLanguage serves as single online database of translators and translations related data, states Mrs. Konstantinova. SIA OCL has put many resources in place to provide smooth implementation of the software. Both companies are looking forward to incremental success onwards.

Olegs Jegorovs (Member of the Board, SIA OCL), May 2015

We are honored to announce that SinoTranslation has joined our Customer pool. SinoTranslation is joint Russian-Chinese translation company, operating in both Russia and China markets. According to Svetlana Vishnyakova’s (Director of SinoTranslation) comments, OCLanguage was chosen as best price/quality solution from German, Latvian and Polish solutions. As per Svetlana, main criteria for choosing software solution were usability and visibility of company income, which would come along with smooth communication with Customers and vendors. The main tasks that SinoTranslation is going to address with OCLanguage software are sales report preparation, as well as accounts and receivables management. SIA OCL is excited about launched partnership and taking care of new translation agency business.

Karlis Lucs (Member of the Board, SIA OCL), April 2015

During past few quarters in Ukraine, we have spotted increasing demand for our software for translation agency management. In crisis times, every company is looking for tools that would allow to save resources and increase Customer satisfaction level. No matter, if our Customer mainly handles projects from legal entities or individuals, OCLanguage strengthens company’s ability to adjust to rapidly changing environment. We allow our Customers to be visionaries, who are realizing their desired software solution through adjusting the existing OCLanguage functionality to business. One of newest Customers comes from Kharkov, Ukraine – translation agency Etalon has chosen OCLanguage to automatize majority of daily tasks and sufficiently increase service quality.

Olegs Jegorovs (Member of the Board, SIA OCL), February 2015

BVC is rapidly growing company, operating in several fields of delivering services to their Customers. OCL sees this cooperation as highly important for both sides, as we are keen on looking after new Customers in Ukraine and BVC in turn is able to implement tailored system solution for TA management. We look forward to win-win relationship, since BVC consists of professionals with solid experience in field of providing translation services to Customers from Ukraine and OCL is delivering maximum value and performance to TAs from Europe and CIS countries.

Karlis Lucs (Member of the Board, SIA OCL), December 2014

Translation Agency Bridge from Kiev, Ukraine is one of leading companies in the field it operates. During couple of previous quarters in 2014, we have been working closely in order to develop the solution that would bring maximum value to Bridge. In order to secure successful implementation, we have added Ukrainian interface to OCLanguage. We recognize Bridge as one of our highly valued partners in Ukraine and look forward to win-win cooperation in the future.

Karlis Lucs (Member of the Board, SIA OCL), October 2014

Philin is well known Ukraine market player, who serves its Customers in Ukraine and CIS countries. We have been cooperating throughout year 2014 to develop tailored software solution for company needs. In addition, this collaboration has led our company to the release of new valuable features in OCLanguage. Philin was one of our partners to discuss the potential improvement of the functionality of our solution. These and other discussions with our partners eventually have snowballed into a large number of distinguishing features in OCLanguage for managing translation agencies from all over the world.

Karlis Lucs (Member of the Board, SIA OCL), August 2014

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