Comparison of functionality – OCLanguage 7.0 vs previous generation

Interface and configuration

1. New, contemporary design for online system OCLanguage. All solutions were developed in the style of minimalism to ensure the most convenient user experience.
2. Feature of tailoring system interface according to user needs (colors, panels’ layout, animations etc.)
3. Option of database column edition (user can decide, which columns he wants to see in each table)
4. Interactive navigation bar on the left side of the screen with the ability to collapse it at any time
5. Ability to select an avatar and select background image on the login page
6. System resources tracker (hard drive, memory and processor). System alerts have been developed to reveal, if the company's used resources reach a critical level (above 80%)
7. Incomparably deeper functionality of internal messages
8. In the system settings, the user is given the opportunity to add currencies himself

Translation management

1. Completely removed an extra step in managing written projects - the section of Documents. Now creating a project takes 2 times less time (create a project record and immediately add a task to it)
2. Now all the project data is available in one window (without refreshing the system, user has access to all 5 project sheets – General data, Tasks, PO, Acts and Invoices)
3. Uploading files has become interactive and user friendly - user can upload multiple files into the system by simple Drag & Drop to system interface. Now you can upload several files related to one project, for example, upload all preliminary files while preparing a translation
4. Act of Acceptance creation for oral translation projects
5. Act of Acceptance creation for Notary approval, correction, DTP and other tasks (in the previous version user could create Act for written translation tasks only)
6. Developed user ability to see existing project tasks and entering new tasks under same view
7. In Customer section added links to its projects and invoices
8. In Acts section added link to project
9. In project data added link to Customer, who ordered the translation
10. In translators database added new parameter: amount of active tasks
11. Deleted unused fields in Translators section

Accounting and statistics

1. Statistics section has acquired completely new design and content, consisting of 10 critical current business status indicators
2. Removed separate revenue calculation for each payment method
3. In Sales report the division of written and oral translation was removed – now all statistics are revealed in one database.
In addition to above described changes, there were made dozens of improvements on the system functionality and reliability.

  • Authorization
  • Translators
  • Projects
  • Written translation projects
  • Invoice
  • Revenue
  • Statistics
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