Minimum technical requirements

OCLanguage is very flexible solution and it requires small amount of resources; it can be installed on either of following three platforms:
• Hosting
• Virtual server
• Physical server

Below you can see OCLanguage requirements to virtual / physical server.

Required for system use:
• HDD minimum reserved disk space for system configuration (not project data): 170 MB
• CPU: 333 Mhz
• Minimum RAM: 64 MB

In addition, required resources per user:
• Minimum additional RAM: 16 MB
• Recommended additional RAM: 64 MB

Let us imagine you have 10 users on board, which are issuing system data 20 MB per day each.
In this case, we would recommend you would have at least CPU 900 Mhz, RAM 768 MB, HDD 55 GB (for 1 year).

• Web Server: Apache/nginx/IIS...
• Technology on server-side: PHP 5.4+
• Technology on client-side: HTML pages with JavaScript
• Database: MySQL 5+ (with virtual tables support)
• Recommended browser: Google Chrome
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