As shown in table below, OCLanguage solution comes along with installation support, technical support and system updates available. In addition, we are keen on scheduling onsite or offsite trainings for your team. Moreover, continuing communication and interchange of ideas and experience are well recognized at our side.

At any time user and branch quantity can be exceeded while simply upgrading your system license.
Full license
License effective

One-time purchase

Trial period

14 days

Installation fee


Server location

In any country*

Technical support included in price

1 month (Gold level)

Continuing technical support available

Helpdesk, skype, phone

Interface and documents language

3 basic languages **

List price

From 899 € ***

OCLanguage works on PHP version from 5.4 to 5.6. Version 7.0 >= is not supported.
* - The solution can be installed in any country you require, please contact your manager for more details.
** - 3 basic languages available with option of adding new languages.
*** - Please contact account manager for receiving special offer.
Get OCLanguage demo version
Get OCLanguage demo version
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