OCLanguage 7.0

Well known of its specialization on translation management software development, Latvian based OCL Ltd. comes up with another world-class solution for translation industry! On July 31 OCL Ltd. officially released revolutionary upgrade of TMS OCLanguage – version 7.0. Throughout almost a yearlong journey of new product development, we have had many valuable discussions with our key Customers, as well as newcomers. This has helped to identify priorities for the development process: minimalism and use of innovative technologies in combination with velocity of handling business management tasks.

Many of our users have been waiting for key system upgrade to be implemented – development of shortened project management mechanism. Up until now project creation and management was realized in three different stages – providing data about following key areas: general information of project, uploading and describing translation document and assigning translation related tasks to document. This approach allowed translation agency to manage heavy projects with many documents in one translation project. However, nowadays Customer behavior is changing and business moves with the times. In OCLanguage 7.0 translation agency manager spends 2-3x less time on saving and managing new project. This efficiency is achieved with new system interface, where user controls project, invoices, PO, acts and translation tasks data in one window.

It is important to stress, that Act of acceptance documents creation and sending to Customers, as well as sharing invoices and POs with Customers and vendors, respectively, is made intuitive and transparent. Our goal was to improve usability on all levels, thereby we pride ourselves about internal messages feature – it has never been easier to send messages with various attachments and external links in them.

To make smooth daily work for users requiring different information, all of our databases have acquired interactive nature - system user can decide on his own, which columns to show in tables and according to which parameters filter the database. In other words all reports and dashboards are easily adjustable with just a few clicks.

“Our company continues to strengthen focus on two key segments: OCLanguage product development and offer expansion; ERP system development for various industries. For instance, by using already developed solutions core, our deployment consumes lot less resources to create new CRM system. If you are interested in building solution that will bring your business to new level, while benefiting from our Customer driven approach – you are welcome to contact us!” – Olegs Jegorovs (Member of the Board, OCL Ltd.)

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