Version History

From the first day, we started the development of OCLanguage we have been involving translation agencies in sharing their thoughts and vision in terms of creating the most convenient solution for business needs.

2018 - OCLanguage 7.0 (revolutionary version, which consists of global design and feature upgrades)
2016 - OCLanguage 6.6 (manager work automatization)
2014 - OCLanguage 6.0 (Sufficient improvements of Finance control module)
2013 - OCLanguage 5.0 (Stability, speed, reliability improvements)
2012 - OCLanguage 4.0 (Mobile version release)
2011 - OCLanguage 3.0 (UI and UX improvements)
2010 - OCLanguage 2.0 (Customer and vendor portal release)
2009 - OCLanguage 1.0 (First release of system for translation agency business management)
2007 – the start of solution development
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Get OCLanguage demo version
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